We have developed face-to-face marketing, lead generation, and outsourced sales solutions for a wide variety of clients, consumer products, and services, including those in beauty, health and wellness, home improvement, automotive care, telecommunications, food, and sports and entertainment. Learn more about our programs and valued clients.


Professional sports offers entertainment for families seeking exciting leisure activities.
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Home Improvement

Home improvement products and services to capture the rapidly-growing consumer renovation market.
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Americans of all ages are spending more on sporting events today. Whether seeking entertainment in athletic centers or sports parks, people are looking for diversion. Smart Circle works with some of the biggest names in the sector, offering customized certificate packages that increase foot traffic at venues large and small. As baby boomers shift their spending to leisure activities and affluent millennials look for ways to spend their discretionary dollars, we’re using our expertise in the industry to personalize promotions that get results.

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“Reaching tens of thousands of people face-to-face in their environment and personally inviting them to experience Angels Baseball at Angel Stadium is just something we aren't functionally organized to do.  Your unique approach is professional and effective in driving incremental sales to targeted available seating.”
- Robert Alvarado
VP of Marketing and Ticket Sales | Angels Baseball
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“The Royals have been working with Smart Circle for over 12 years, and over that time, Smart Circle has become an important part of our sales strategy. Working with Smart Circle has not cost the Kansas City Royals anything, but this partnership will result in over $1,000,000 in ticket revenue this season.”
- Steve Shiffman
Kansas City Royals
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“Smart Circle’s face-to-face marketing campaign with certificates specifically customized for the Cardinals has brought in fans that we normally wouldn’t reach with traditional advertising and outbound sales. Over the last six seasons, it has been our pleasure to work with Smart Circle and together achieve new milestones in attendance.”
- Joe Strohm
VP Ticket Sales | St. Louis Cardinals, LLC.
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“We appreciate that Smart Circle creates customized certificate packages specifically designed for Mariners fans. And your sales team hands out Seattle Mariners pocket schedules to everyone they meet, which is a great service for our team and fans. We genuinely appreciate the professionalism, thoughtfulness, and energy of the Smart Circle team and your positive representation of the Seattle Mariners.”
- Frances Traisman
VP Sales | Seattle Mariners
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“We at Smart Circle are excited to work with the St. Louis Blues to help consumers enjoy discounted hockey event ticket packages.”
- Michael Meryash
CEO | Smart Circle International

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“Our working relationship with Smart Circle has been great. You have provided instant feedback and updates in regards to the sales and trends of our product. You’re also readily available to assist with any projects and sales opportunities that the A’s can provide to the company. The response to customer service issues is unmatched. The future is bright for the Athletics and we’re excited to have you and Smart Circle as part of our team.”
- Josh Ziegenbusch
Senior Ticket Services Manager | Oakland Athletics Baseball Company


Home improvement has become a way of life for consumers in North America. Families are investing in projects large and small to improve their living spaces, with upgrades ranging from a new coat of paint to complete kitchen overhauls. Smart Circle has partnered with leading home improvement companies across the nation to deliver personalized, face-to-face lead generation for a variety of renovation products and services. With revenues measuring over $150 billion in the U.S. alone, our dynamic sales force will take on any product to provide immediate growth results.

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“Smart Circle created a sales program for us specifically geared to highlight and promote Power’s quality home remodeling services to new customers. Because of the successful program, we have been able to reach homeowners in several new markets. Today, we are proud to be installing our products in 16 states, and have opened 9 new markets since partnering with Smart Circle.”

- Corey Schiller
CEO | Power Home Remodeling Group

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“Thank you for your continued support of our business. As you know, Smart Circle is a very important part of the Home Depot Interiors business model and we look forward to working closely with you in the future.”
- Douglas M. Spiron
Home Depot Interiors

Satellite Communications and Telecom

Satellite and telecommunications solutions that fit technology-enhanced consumer lifestyles and business workspaces.
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Green Technology

Eco-friendly products and services that meet the needs of conscientious consumers and businesses looking to go green.
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As day-to-day life becomes more wired, the popularity of satellite communications has skyrocketed. Staying connected is a must for both consumers and businesses alike in today’s Web-enabled society as people engage more and more with cable television, the Internet, and other entertainment systems and electronics and real-time communications become near-necessity. Smart Circle is poised to continue to fuel industry growth by serving giants like DIRECTV and other satellite, cable, and telecommunications leaders with proven messaging that results in high conversion rates. With the $118 billion consumer satellite television services industry driving growth within the sector as a whole, and the average American spending nearly $2,000 every year for Internet and television services, this sector is certain to see continued emphasis in consumer spending.

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“I would like to personally thank you for Smart Circle's partnership and hard work in making the Consumer Electronics Channel one of the most valued channels within DIRECTV.  That channel, powered by Smart Circle and its network of independent corporate distributors has helped DIRECTV meet our customer acquisition goals each year.  Since 2007, our partnership with Smart Circle continues to surpass our expectations and yield incredible results!”
Dale Rayman

Sr. Director Consumer Products | DIRECTV


Environmentally-responsible products have gained significance in North America as consumers become aware of solutions that can improve the plight of the planet. From energy efficient light bulbs and energy-generating solar panels to more eco-friendly cleaning products, the green movement has touched every aspect of our lives. Smart Circle stands behind the green movement in part by promoting lighting retrofitting solutions for businesses large and small. As companies continue to see the benefits of improving energy efficiency to reduce their overhead costs, the growth potential in this space is predicted to double in the next 10 years. Smart Circle is at the forefront and ready to pioneer this and other sustainable product lines through innovative and customized sales initiatives.

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"All of us at FES are so excited about the potential that a partnership with Smart Circle brings. We are confident that together we can revolutionize the lighting business."

- Daniel Gold
CEO | FES Lighting



Automotive care products for vehicle enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike. 
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Beauty, Health,and Wellness

Beauty, health and wellness products that fit the expectations of today’s health-conscious consumers.
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Our culture is driven by automobile ownership. People value their cars and trucks and are looking for ways to care for them with products such as car wax and services like auto glass chip repair to improve vehicle longevity and reduce annual maintenance costs. Smart Circle represents a full line of auto care products and services, bringing emerging and popular brands to the public through our partnerships with powerful retail partners and local venues. Car care is a billion dollar industry, and we’re helping spur further growth with expert representation.

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“As the exclusive distributor of RGS Labs’ FW1 products at in-person demonstration events, Smart Circle has exposed the FW1 brand and products to customers around the world. Smart Circle has not only dramatically increased FW1 sales, but improved brand awareness as well!”
- Darren Ellsmore
President | RGS Labs
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“I have had the pleasure of welcoming the team from Roadshow Events of Canada to my store for the past several months. Roadshow Events Canada began their product demonstrations in my store at the beginning of March and I have been pleased to invite them back to my store on an ongoing basis since the demos began.”
- Billy Wagner
General Manager | Canadian Tire Retail Store 042


People are turning to the health and wellness industry for solutions to common ailments and challenges, while women and men alike are looking for beauty products they can use to boost their self-esteem. From weight loss products to vitamins and supplements, joint relief to anti-aging creams, high-end nail products, natural cosmetics, and effective styling appliances, consumers are seeking ways to improve their wellbeing and look better. Smart Circle is at the center of the multi-vitamin, anti-aging, cosmetics and beauty sectors, offering cutting-edge promotions and lead generation for a wide variety of these products. With 3% to 4% growth predicted for the beauty industry in the next five years, and a booming U.S. health and wellness industry, our dynamic marketing solutions are providing leading brands with expert and high-performance representation.

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"In today's economy, it's not always easy to attract new clients. Smart Circle has been a great way to build brand awareness in my community and drive new traffic through our doors. Smart Circle's programs help me focus on other parts of my business, and leave the marketing to them.”
- Kevin Nunes
Regional Developer | Planet Beach Automated Spa
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“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the Smart Circle program. I’ve been with you for over three years. During this time, I’ve tried a lot of new marketing initiatives; Smart Circle has proven to be the best marketing I’ve ever done and has produced the most loyal customers.”
- Jane LaGrega
East 2 West Massage
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“Working with Smart Circle has allowed us to bring the Avani products from the most ancient spa on Earth to hundreds of thousands of consumers throughout the United States!”
- Golan Hadashi
CEO | AVANI Dead Sea Cosmetics


Hotel, spa, and leisure services and activities for the discerning consumer seeking entertainment.
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Food / Restaurants

America’s favorite food and culinary experiences.
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Today’s consumer is looking for leisure activities in the form of travel and entertainment – experiences with wow-factor service, intriguing amenities, increasing connectivity and technology integration, environmental leadership, and exceptional foods. With our diverse network of both boutique and international hotels, spas, and travel and entertainment brands, we are well-positioned to create messaging tailored to different demographics, including seasoned business people and millennials alike. As the world becomes increasingly interlinked, both national and international traveler rates are set to rise while leisure-seekers check out new and innovative ways to be entertained. Smart Circle employs expertise to capitalize on the diverse opportunities within this sector.

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“The Houston Museum of Natural Science recently partnered with Smart Circle to help bring in added sales and traffic into the museum. The results have been truly amazing.”
- Chris Arreaga
Corporate Sales Representative | The Houston Museum of Natural Science
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“I have worked with Smart Circle for about a decade and they have provided us with a good, effective method of reaching out to new guests that I don’t think we would have easily attracted.”
- Christopher G. Hart
President | Sacramento RiverTrain
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“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANKS for the amazing promotion with Smart Circle International and Appreciation Events. After just a couple of months we’ve seen very nice production, with guests visiting our resort from all over the country.”
- Roger Reveyrand
Director of Leisure Sales | The Westin
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“Peppermill was looking for an acquisition marketing program that would give us not only substantial reach, but deliver in a cost effective manner. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the number of first time customers that this program has delivered to the property with literally no upfront expenses incurred AND with the number of customers that have decided to return on their own.”
- Patrick T. Flynn
Executive Director of Hotel and Sales | Peppermill Reno


As the center of the home, the kitchen has never held such importance in the lives of North Americans as it does today. Consumers are investing in luxury kitchen renovations and then equipping their spaces with high-end cookware, cooking tools, and healthy, creative ingredients. Equally important to the average consumer is the desire to enjoy exceptional foodie experiences at restaurants and entertainment venues. At Smart Circle, we understand food buying behavior and continually add products and partnerships to deliver flawless representation to some of the most inventive food brands and restaurants in the nation. The fact is that unique and health-conscious foods are driving growth in the sector, and we’re positioned perfectly to capitalize on the opportunities.

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"My four stores have been using Smart Circle for years and with great results. The staff of Smart Circle is professional and provides excellent customer service. I am very satisfied with the artwork, redemptions, and ease of working with Smart Circle. I would recommend their company.”
- Jeff Yee
Owner | Togo's Hayward, San Leandro and Sunnyvale
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“The results have been truly amazing. This past week was the best sales week ever in our company history. Our managers are telling us that your marketing is bringing in more new faces to our business than any other advertising campaign that we have ever participated in. This program works!”
- Mark Spackman
Sr. Area Supervisor | Dakota Enterprises Inc. / Subway