Our unique, customized face-to-face marketing solutions drive sales and unparalleled growth. With full scalability across a diverse range of distribution channels and our unbeatable sales network, our Smart Circle difference sets us apart.

The Smart Circle Sales Concept

Smart Circle’s pay-for-performance model, with no up-front fees to clients, creates entrepreneurial opportunities for the Smart Circle Sales Network, and generates rapid brand awareness, increased sales and unsurpassed bottom-line results for our clients.   We work to determine which sales channel is best suited for the specific client, and work hand in hand with the client to develop a customized sales program with zero cost to the client. By leveraging the power of the Smart Circle Sales Network, comprised of independent corporate distributors which are owned and operated by motivated and entrepreneurial minded individuals, Smart Circle works to deploy large-scale in-person marketing campaigns based on channels best suited to individual clients. Our Independent Corporate Distributors (ICDs) take local marketing and brand building to a whole new level, resulting in dollar-for-dollar unmatched results for our clients and success for the individual ICD.

Power of Scale

Smart Circle’s reach extends throughout the U.S. and abroad allowing for comprehensive market coverage per client needs.
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SMART CIRCLE Sales Network

We deploy our unique face-to-face marketing programs and customer acquisition campaigns through our third-party sales network comprised of independently owned and operated corporate distributors and their respective sales representatives.



Smart Circle has a proven track record of successfully implementing and executing customized face-to-face marketing sales solutions. Smart Circle is able to achieve prolific and unmatched results for its clients and retail partners through the unique combination of: (1) the Smart Circle executive team that brings decades of collective direct sales and face-to-face marketing experience; (2) the far-reaching and expansive Smart Circle Sales Network, comprised of independently owned and operated corporate distributors and their respective sales representatives; and (3) a back-end corporate support team that works hand in hand with clients to ensure compliance requirements and business goals are achieved.

Our clients have the Smart Circle Sales Network working on their customized campaigns, whether local markets, throughout the US or internationally, to quickly and efficiently deliver customized branding messages to a targeted customer base in order to generate impressive and unmatched sales.

Customized Coverage

The Smart Circle Sales Network’s reach extends from coast to coast in the United States, as well as internationally. With distributors in major metropolitan markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, and select international distributors through Smart Circle’s sister company, Innovage, Smart Circle combines a wide reach with local market knowledge to impact consumer buying behavior. The power of our localized and distributed approach to direct marketing is used to create consistently-delivered and measurable campaigns that produce fast results, unmatched by traditional marketing and advertising. We utilize our expertise and professionalism to make brands in a wide variety of industries successful, whether we’re the face of a national telecommunications company, a well-recognized professional sports team, or a rapidly growing home improvement service provider.

The Smart Circle Mission

Smart Circle strives to create meaningful opportunities for GROWTH – Growth for clients and Growth for independent sales companies within the Smart Circle sales network.

Smart Circle is a worldwide leader in face-to-face marketing, and direct and outsourced sales. We provide successful sales and marketing solutions for our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized brands and regional and local businesses. By harnessing the power of the Smart Circle Sales Network, composed of independently owned and operated corporate distributors and their respective sales representatives, Smart Circle is able to implement and execute customized face-to-face sales and marketing solutions across various channels. Whether through nationwide staffing programs inside the top retail chains, or targeted business–to-business or door-to-door canvassing programs, Smart Circle is able to produce bottom line results unmatched by any other form of traditional sales and marketing, and support clients in achieving their customer acquisition, brand awareness and revenue goals.

Core Values


The Smart Circle corporate team consists of various departments that work, often behind the scenes, in tandem with the executive and sales teams to manage logistics, ensure the smooth launch and successful maintenance of client programs.


Our People

Our executive team of groundbreaking thinkers.
Their vision and determination are remaking the world of direct marketing.