• Smart Circle Hosts an Amazing Group of Young Female Entrepreneurs

    Smart Circle Hosts an Amazing Group of Young Female Entrepreneurs

    The Smart Circle office in Newport Beach, hosted Orange County Girls Scouts

    One local Girl Scout Troop of young female entrepreneurs came to the 4490 Von Karman office for an afternoon of face-to-face marketing tips and cookies sales!  The Girl Scout Troop was greeted with open arms from Smart Circle staff, three of whom, Mary Tran, Daniella Lopez and Michelle Kendall, presented a short presentation to the Girl Scouts about face-to-face marketing which included tips on; how to practice your pitch, working on your S.E.E methodology and product knowledge trivia.

    After the presentation the Girls Scouts were stationed in the lobby and handed out boxes of cookies that Smart Circle provided to each employee. They also had a booth to sell any extra boxes that the employees wished to purchase! Overall it was a great afternoon of face-to-face marketing and Girl Scout Cookie Sales! Let’s be honest they are the best Face to Face producers in North America.

    Today was an exceptional example of our Smart Circle core value of citizenship and giving back to the community in which we live.

    Here are a few photos of Team Smart Circle having a blast hosting the Girl Scout Troop.

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