• The Value of Face-To-Face Marketing

    The Value of Face-To-Face Marketing

    In this technological age, it’s important to remember that humans are social people who need and thrive on human interaction. When watering grass, a person is not likely to skip over an entire area, unless they want an uneven result. Likewise, when building relationships and generating sales, successful brands businesses do not only rely on social media or traditional marketing alone, but they remember that face-to-face marketing is a powerful tool.

    Robin Miller, in her article on the benefits of face-to-face marketing, listed several benefits of face-to-face marketing in the expo setting. Those same benefits apply to live demonstrations, specially targeted live sales events, or face-to-face canvassing.

    Cost Effectiveness.

    First, where traditional media can be costly or time consuming, an in-store demo or live event gives businesses the opportunity to have their sales messages communicated to a large group of people gathered at the same time in one place. Whether through canvassing in a specific market for your product, or with in-store demos inside a retail store where people are ready to buy, an outsourced sales company well versed in face-to-face marketing can assure your message gets out to interested consumers in one sweep.

    Building Brand Awareness

    Just like in the expo world meeting people helps create instant visibility to your brand. Instead of just sitting on a shelf, an experienced face-to-face marketing team can serve as brand ambassadors. Face-to-face marketing, live product demos and in-person sales are successful because they create a memorable experience. Reading information online is one thing, but shaking a person’s hand and receiving a specific and tailored message, or touching and feeling a product allows your organization to have a living message.

    Breaking Down Barriers and Objections

    When face-to-face with a potential customer, an experienced in-person sales team benefits from picking up on verbal and non-verbal cues. They’re able to answer customer questions, pick up on doubts, provide clarification and offer alternative views. The additional bonus of being able to touch, feel and experience your product may in itself overcome any objections.

    When building a business, don’t let social media replace the benefit of a face-to-face conversation.

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