• How Product Demonstrations Impact Sales

    How Product Demonstrations Impact Sales

    Engaging through interaction

    Ask any teacher the best way to engage a student, to focus their attention, and the teacher will tell you – get them working with their hands. People learn through their senses. When you combine activities that require movement, talking and listening, it activates multiple areas of the brain. As they say in the article Hands-On Is Minds-On

    “The more parts of your brain you use, the more likely you are to retain information.”

    Demonstrating for sales

    What does the classroom have to do with sales you may ask? Actually, quite a lot. Oftentimes the difference between a sale and no sale is product knowledge and a product sitting on a shelf isn’t going to explain itself.

    Explaining the benefits of a product to someone isn’t that different form teaching them. By encouraging a potential customer to interact with a product, touch it, test it, play with it, the customer is much more likely to get a feel for it (excuse the pun).

    As the article Demo Sells from specialtyretail.com says:

    “Tell people what you want them to know, and maybe theyll understand it and even remember it for a while. But show them, involve them, and theyll “get it” and retain it for some time. Teachers know that, and so do retailers. When it comes to showing how a product works and involving the audience, “getting it” means not just understanding the message—it means buying the product.”

    Rather than waiting for someone to pick a product off the shelf, a demonstrator can engage customers. Demonstrating puts the sales person in control. They can control how many people will come into contact with the product and how many more opportunities there are for sales.

    Actively demonstrating a product has been shown to increase sales. A product sitting on a shelf can’t explain its benefits to passersby. It can’t help potential customers imagine how their life could be improved or made easier or more fun with that product in their lives. A sign can indicate price but it certainly can’t convey why something is such a great deal.

    Smart Circle has first-hand experience with live product demonstrations and the immense impact they can have on sales.  According to George Graffy, President of Smart Circle, a product demonstrated as part of our roadshows program through wholesale clubs tends to sell at ten times the rate of undemonstrated products.   For more information about Smart Circle roadshows, click here.

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