Founder, Larry Tenebaum, speaking at a white podium on to how to succeed as an entrepreneur.The seed for today’s Smart Circle was planted in 1981, when our founder stepped into the door-to-door sales industry.  Almost 40 years later, Smart Circle has emerged a premier leader in face-to-face marketing – developing new and innovative campaigns that have transformed the face-to-face marketing industry – by leveraging decades of face-to-face marketing know how and the power of our third party network of independent sales companies.

Today, Smart Circle’s clients range from the world’s largest brands to Fortune 500 companies to professional sports teams to emerging brands to local and regional businesses. Clients engage Smart Circle to develop customized face-to-face marketing and sales campaigns. From channel and market selection to compliance and sales monitoring, Smart Circle is able to provide a fully integrated marketing and sales campaigns. Once a fully developed campaign is conceptualized, the face-to-face sales component is handled by sales companies from our network of independent corporate distributors. Smart Circle is able to close the loop, creating a fully integrated campaign by offering compliance assessments, performance metrics, customer service and vertically integrated fulfillment options.

Having achieved amazing success, Smart Circle’s goal remains the same: to be of service to our clients by helping them achieve their marketing goals and unparalleled sales and simultaneously creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the independent sales companies with whom we contract – creating a circle of success.