• Why In Store Demos Work

    Why In Store Demos Work

     A Product on a Shelf Can’t Speak For Itself.

    Companies have perused traditional forms of advertising like commercials and print media but these often rely on reaching sheer numbers to make sales. It turns out the best way to reach a target audience is the oldest, most tried and true method– talking to people.

    Storytelling to Connect Personally
    Though old, the storytelling method has proven to be very powerful in the purpose of selling a good or service. Every product has a story and store demos allow for that story to be told. Good product demonstrators present product stories through involving the consumer’s senses, putting it into their hands, and encouraging them to interact with it.

    Humans are tactile creatures meaning that we learn through an array of senses. To learn something firsthand will leave an impression that lasts sometimes for life. By experiencing a product first hand, product demonstrations allow consumers to get familiar with the product by giving them the opportunity to try it before purchasing. It gives them a short-term user experience, or a chance to judge the quality of the product for themselves.

    People may not always believe what you say, but it is hard to dispute the validity of a product being demonstrated. Once they’ve held a product and played with it, people get a taste of what it’s like to own it. And this causes actual ownership to follow shortly thereafter.

    When People Shop in Person
    In the article 3 Ways To Take Advantage of In-Store Impulse Buys Today a study is highlighted that proves customers make more unplanned purchases in physical stores than when they shop online. “40% of those surveyed said they’ve picked up extra items in the store versus just 25% who said they’ve done the same online – a 15% lead for physical retail.”

    A shopper may be coming into a store for a specific purpose, but if the right product (or demonstrator) catches their attention, there is a good chance they’ll want to find out more. The article goes on to say, “Color-coordinated displays, live product demonstrations and “You’ll miss out” style promotions are all great ways to get shoppers grabbing that extra item before they leave.”

    People like good stories. People like tactile experiences. People like to get a good item for a good deal. This is why in-store demos are such a success.

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