Smart Circle combines the reach of sales representatives distributed from coast to coast with the expertise of national and local marketing professionals to deliver consistent direct marketing perfectly tailored to each individual region.

SMART CIRCLE Sales Network

We execute our unique face-to-face marketing programs and customer acquisition campaigns through our third-party sales network comprised of independently owned and operated corporate distributors and their respective sales representatives.



Smart Circle has a proven track record of successfully implementing and executing customized face-to-face marketing sales solutions. Smart Circle is able to achieve prolific and unmatched results for its clients and retail partners through the unique combination of: (1) the Smart Circle executive team that brings decades of collective direct sales and face-to-face marketing experience; (2) the far-reaching and expansive Smart Circle Sales Network, comprised of independently owned and operated corporate distributors and their respective sales representatives; and (3) a back-end corporate support team that works hand in hand with clients to ensure compliance requirements and business goals are achieved.

Our clients have the Smart Circle Sales Network working on their customized campaigns, whether in local markets or nationally to quickly and efficiently deliver customized branding messages to a targeted customer base in order to generate impressive and unmatched sales.

Customized Coverage

The Smart Circle Sales Network’s reach extends from coast to coast in North America as well as internationally. With distributors in every major metropolitan market throughout the U.S., and select international distributors through Smart Circle’s sister company, Innovage, Smart Circle combines a wide reach with local market knowledge to impact consumer buying behavior. The power of our localized and distributed approach to direct marketing is used to create consistently-delivered and measurable campaigns that produce fast results, unmatched by traditional marketing and advertising. We utilize our expertise and professionalism to make brands in a wide variety of industries successful, whether we’re the face of a national telecommunications company, a well-recognized professional sports team, or a rapidly growing home improvement service provider.

Smart Circle Corporate Team

The Smart Circle corporate team consists of various departments that work often behind the scenes and in tandem with the executive and sales teams to manage logistics, ensure the smooth launch and successful maintenance of client programs, help achieve and even surpass client goals, and to ensure compliance with client and Smart Circle requirements.



See commonly asked questions about our powerful sales model and the effect it has on our client experience.
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1. Who do sales representatives work for?

The Smart Circle Sales Network is comprised of independently owned and operated corporate distributors (ICDs) who retain the individual sales representatives. Sales representatives are retained by the ICD, and not employed by Smart Circle. Each sales representative working on a Smart Circle program has the opportunity to learn about face-to-face marketing and work with Smart Circle and its clients!

2. What does a sales representative do?

Sales representatives retained by ICDs and participating in a Smart Circle program are given the opportunity to work with some of the most promising local businesses as well as the world’s best and most well-known brands and retailers. In doing so, sales representatives gain hands-on experience with face-to-face and direct sales and marketing, whether at a local event, inside a national retail chain or via B2B canvassing. However, each ICD has its own unique training methodology and may assign duties to its sales representative as it deems appropriate. Here’s what some of our ICDs have to say:

“My company provides a combination of  leadership training and practical sales training in the field, so that sales representatives have the tools to succeed in sales and building their own teams.” – Leigh J., ICD owner

“Besides just sales and marketing, I expect sales representatives to advance to management and interview applicants, and train new hires, so my company training program also focuses on interviewing and team building skills.” – Tom M., ICD owner

“My business offers hands on training to teach employees marketing philosophies along with practical life skills from communication, time management and goal setting.  Beyond that, I don’t believe in high pressure or micro-management.  I give all my sales reps the latitude to make their own decisions and achieve their own success.” – Ashley S., ICD owner

“In addition to reviewing sales and marketing skills, I make it a point to spend time with my employees discussing industry trends and current events so that my sales reps are well-rounded and well-informed when interacting with their customers and their teams.” – Zack S., ICD owner

3. How are sales representatives able to work with Smart Circle clients?

Smart Circle has sales and marketing agreements with various clients, including Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, nationally recognized brands, retailers and regional and local businesses. Smart Circle contracts with ICDs whose respective sales representatives sell products and services through various channels to execute the face-to-face marketing and sales solution custom created by Smart Circle for the specific client.

4. What makes a successful sales representative?

In general, friendly, motivated and industrious individuals tend to excel in sales positions. Each ICD defines success differently. Here’s a glimpse at what some ICDs think makes a successful sales representative:

“A successful sales representative is a people person, someone that takes initiative, doesn’t need constant hand holding and has a strong moral compass.” – Bill B., ICD Owner

“The unwavering desire to help others and the constant desire to always learn and improve.” – Sandra Q., ICD Owner

“In my company, successful sales representatives are always focused on enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. Compliance is key.” – Anthony S., ICD Owner

“Success means passion, the desire to do well and strong work habits that make it happen!”  – Ken W., ICD Owner

5. How Do You Become An Independent Corporate Distributer for Smart Circle?

Each Smart Circle ICD is a separate company that is owned and operated by someone that was formerly a sales representative with another ICD in the Smart Circle Sales Network. Owning your own business is not for everyone, and many sales representatives don’t become ICD owners and some ICDs may decide it isn’t for them. For those that do become ICD owners, everyone’s journey is different in terms of path and time. Take a look at what some of our current ICD owners have to say:

“I finished school and answered an ad for a sales and marketing rep job.  Less than a year later, I started my own business.  It’s not always easy, and sometimes I have to pick up the slack because the buck stops with me.  However, being able to work with Fortune 500 companies and control my personal income is worth it.”  – Joseph E., ICD Owner

“Having my own business allows me to control my quality of life.  I get to do a lot of things with my kids that other dads don’t get to do.”  – Tom M., ICD Owner

“I was in school for my Master’s Degree when I decided to seek out something different.  I was a sales representative for almost 2 years before starting my own business and becoming an ICD.  Through hard work, discipline and consistency, I was able to lay the foundation for my own success.” – Rachel O., ICD Owner

6. Are there special requirements to become a Smart Circle ICD?

As mentioned above, each Smart Circle independent corporate distributor (ICD) is independently owned and operated by an individual that was formerly a sales representative for another ICD. This way, each ICD owner has hands-on field experience in face-to-face marketing, direct sales, team building and management, and familiarity and experience with client and program requirements. As in any business relationship, there are various requirements for the ICDs, including compliance with client and Smart Circle standards. Furthermore, Smart Circle requires in contract and principle that ICDs comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you have any questions about ICD compliance, please contact