• Knocking Out Leads

    No matter how much things change in the world, no matter how automated things get, how tech savvy we become, how much our daily interactions take place m More >
  • book shelf smart circle
    book shelf smart circle

    Books Every Leader Should Read

    Leaders and entrepreneurs read to get inspired and informed. They read to help themselves navigate situations and conversations and to hopefully save the More >
  • effective interviewing - smart circle blog
    effective interviewing - smart circle blog

    Hiring With Effective Interviews

    As a leader in your business, you are going to have to bring on teammates that know how to work both smart and hard. But how do you make sure you are wor More >
  • How to better manage your time

    How many times have you said to yourself, “I just don’t have enough time!”? Often it is much less a matter of not having time and more a question More >
  • Smart Circle image of body language
    Smart Circle image of body language

    Body Language And Success

    We’ve all heard about how important it is to pay attention to what our body language, or non-verbal communications are saying to others. But did you kn More >

    Set The Goal And Go For Gold!

    Goals are set to push us to become better. They are set to motivate us and stretch us to improve. And with recent events centered around goal setting, w More >
  • luck image Smart Circle
    luck image Smart Circle

    Better Tools For Better Luck

    On a day like Friday the 13th, it seems like luck is on many people’s minds. Speaking of luck, Thomas Jefferson is noted saying, “I am a great believ More >
  • persuasive pitch - Smart Circle
    persuasive pitch - Smart Circle

    Offering a persuasive pitch

    No matter the type of sales you may be in (face-to-face, over the phone, or over the counter) you are going to be doing a whole lot of product pitching. More >
  • man running, smart circle blog
    man running, smart circle blog

    Getting Through The Day

    It would be great if all us could work at peak performance all the way through the day, but unfortunately most of us will hit a slump and feel tired befo More >
  • Sales success - Smart Circle
    Sales success - Smart Circle

    Habits For Sales Success

    Your habits lead to your success or they lead to your failure. Here are some habits that will help you if you are in a sales profession. No matter what More >
  • Mirroring in sales | Smart Circle
    Mirroring in sales | Smart Circle

    Does Mirroring Help In Sales?

    In general, people prefer to interact with others with whom they feel an affinity. When people are in sync they fall into a subconscious pattern of mirro More >
  • the 80 / 20 rule Smart Circle
    the 80 / 20 rule Smart Circle

    The Eighty/Twenty Rule in Sales

    The 80/20 rule states that 80% of the results in a given situation can be attributed to 20% of the input working towards those results. If we were to app More >
  • shipwreck Smart Circle
    shipwreck Smart Circle

    Sales Mistakes To Avoid

    Selling in person is something that takes getting used to. You have to think on your feet as you alter your sales pitch from one potential customer to th More >
  • strengthen, sales, Smart Circle
    strengthen, sales, Smart Circle

    Strengthen Your Sales Pitch

    Bo Bennett once said, “I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation.” More >
  • Reaching the Top as a Team

    When you think of people who became fabulously successful you might think of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or Walt Disney. It is important to r More >
  • face-to-face sales preparation | Smart Circle
    face-to-face sales preparation | Smart Circle

    Preparing for Face-To-Face Sales

    Face-to-face sales is something that some people are comfortable with while others just can’t seem to come to grips with. With a little help and practi More >
  • personal brand | Smart Circle
    personal brand | Smart Circle

    Building Your Personal Brand

    Many entrepreneurs are the face of their company and as such, the burden is placed on them to manage and maintain a positive personal brand. As they go t More >
  • better sales management | Smart Circle
    better sales management | Smart Circle

    Quick Ways to Become A Better Boss

    A team is only as good as it’s leader. That’s you. It can be a heavy burden at times, but when things are going smoothly and working well, there is n More >
  • Smart Circle leadership
    Smart Circle leadership

    Qualities of Great Leaders

    What qualities do great leaders possess? We all have our own idea of what makes a great leader. It may have been a mentor, someone we looked up to, or More >
  • branding and sales tips | Smart Circle
    branding and sales tips | Smart Circle

    The Foundations of Branding

    When you set out to start your business you’ll have a number of questions to ask yourself. Why am I starting this business? What do I hope it becomes? More >
  • hurdles jumping - Smart Circle image
    hurdles jumping - Smart Circle image

    Tackling Big Tasks

    Sometimes we are faced with tasks that seem so large in size that the task takes over our ability to complete to get it done. You might even want to get More >
  • Entrepreneur apps | Smart Circle sales
    Entrepreneur apps | Smart Circle sales

    7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

    When you start a new business you have a million things on your mind. Between long term plans to short term goals, there is a whole lot of things on your More >
  • cold calls in sales | Smart Circle Sales
    cold calls in sales | Smart Circle Sales

    Warming Up Cold Calls

    More often than not, if you’re in sales you will spend some time cold calling. Whether you’re speaking to that prospective client in their place of b More >
  • Confidence in sales | Smart Circle
    Confidence in sales | Smart Circle

    Six Steps to Confidence

    Confidence can lead to success in most aspects of life. Even if you are not the most confident person, you too can practice these six things and grow you More >
  • effective management | Smart Circle sales network
    effective management | Smart Circle sales network

    Creating the To-Don’t List

    In some cases, a To-Don’t list can be just as helpful as a To-Do list. You may not have heard of the To-Don’t List so let me explain. The To-Don’t More >
  • vocabulary speaks volumes | Smart Circle sales network
    vocabulary speaks volumes | Smart Circle sales network

    Your Vocabulary Speaks Volumes

    “Yes I think I can” or “Yes I can.” Which one would you rather hear? The words you choose speak volumes… pun intended. Indefinite Statements More >
  • Smart Circle leader's qualities
    Smart Circle leader's qualities

    What makes a great leader?

    What is the best way to lead a group of people? Financial incentives? Financial incentives are pretty motivating. They can get people on task and wil More >
  • Smart Circle- building employee loyalty
    Smart Circle- building employee loyalty

    Building Employee Loyalty

    It used to be that an employee would start working for you, and as long as you didn’t fire them, and your company survived. You could count on them to More >
  • Smart Circle: Starting a business
    Smart Circle: Starting a business

    Before You Start a Small Business

    You’ve got your idea. You’re ready to take an interesting idea to market. It’s a big decision. You know that. You’ll be spending a lot of your ow More >
  • Finding Happiness in Sales

    Professional Success Can Lead to Helping Others Achieving professional goals can be a major highlight in a person’s life. Reaching a goal often give More >
  • Why In Store Demos Work

     A Product on a Shelf Can’t Speak For Itself. Companies have perused traditional forms of advertising like commercials and print media but these of More >
  • Turning Failure into Success

    Video games and the path to success Some people say playing video games is a waste of time. I would like to argue games of all types can teach us a thin More >
  • 3 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

    In 1984, TED was founded as a non-profit organization that promotes ideas. TED talks have become more and more popular in recent years as videos have bee More >
  • Six Steps To Make The Sale

    How do you go from shaking hands with a stranger to asking them to buy something from you? Let alone having them say yes. How do you take someone who kno More >
  • Standing Out From The Crowd

    You’re ambitious, you work hard and now you’ve landed the job you believe will take you places. That’s great! The only problem is, this is a compet More >
  • The SEE Factors In Sales

    A lot of the time whether or not you’re going to make a sale is determined within the first few seconds of meeting your prospective customer. It comes More >
  • Taming The Procrastination Beast

    Some people have no trouble with procrastination. They get up with a list of things to do and they do them, systematically without delay. Others have a l More >
  • Motivational Pit Stops

    When we’re gazing across the expanse from where we are to where we want to go, the distance can seem long and sometimes it’s hard to maintain our mot More >
  • The Key To Great Communication

    It’s no secret that good leaders are good communicators and that great leaders are great communicators. Getting your ideas across to your team in a way More >
  • Doing What It Takes

    Smart Circle is a lead by example sort of business. Although some people who are already established in their careers will decide to test their potential More >
  • The Best Ways to Stay Productive

    When you’re working hard to build your business, how many times have you wished for just a couple more hours in the day? While we can’t lengthen the More >
  • Starting Out In Sales

    Working in sales of any kind can be a tough job. You have to be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, sales goals and deal with getting turned dow More >
  • Lessons From The Masters

    What Entrepreneurs Should Take Away from This Year’s Masters. At the 2015 Masters Tournament in Augusta Georgia, a 21 year old took the lead immedia More >
  • Visualizing Your Future

    Using the same visualization techniques athletes do Everyone’s heard of athletes who visualize themselves to the top of their game. A weight lifter More >
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking

    In this day and age, with so much negative news and the constant bustle of the working world, we all need to be reminded of the benefits of positive thin More >
  • Passion Of A Great Leader

    World changing leaders If you Google greatest leaders of all time you’ll get combinations of names like Mahatma Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churc More >
  • Are You Prepared To Win?

    When the bell rang on March 10th, bidding in the NFL free-agent market began. What seemed like chaos ensued with teams competing and jostling on the fre More >
  • Be The Change

    We all hit ruts. Sometimes those ruts are just a slow point in the day, and sometimes they feel like they’re dragging on for weeks at a time. You know More >
  • Sweating 3 Small Things Every Day

    Sometimes it’s not the major goals you haven’t yet achieved that weigh you down the most, but it’s the little day in, day out things that start anc More >
  • Leaders Are Dreamers Too!

    Inspiring respect As leaders, our dream is that people hold us in the highest regard and respect us, the way Rob Gronkowski feels about his QB Tom Bra More >
  • Why In-Store Demos Are Invaluable

    In-store demos are the cornerstone of the roadshow business at Smart Circle.  An unparalleled way to connect directly with the customer, there’s nothi More >
  • 4 Top Reasons To Be Your Own Boss

    Ask anyone who works for themselves what the perks of being their own boss are and they’ll have a long list to share with you. Some are pretty obvious: More >