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Smart Circle Hosts Young Female Entrepreneurs

The Smart Circle office in Newport Beach, hosts young female entrepreneurs from local Girl Scout Troop. Smart Circle hosts local Girl Scout Troop of young female entrepreneurs at 4490 Von Karman office. The young female entrepreneurs spent an afternoon working on  face-to-face marketing tips and cookies sales!  Smart Circle staff members, Mary Tran, Daniella Lopez […]

What is Smart Circle and What is Face-to-Face Marketing?

What is Smart Circle? Smart Circle is a worldwide leader in face-to-face marketing and direct and outsourced sales. We provide successful sales and marketing solutions for our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized brands, and regional and local businesses. Smart Circle harnesses the power of the Smart Circle Sales Network, composed of independently owned […]

Four Tips To Make Each Day Better

Four tips to make each day better. Most days have their high points and their low points, some positives and some negatives. Occasionally we’ll have extreme days. Ones where everything is amazing and moves like clockwork, as if there’s a master Swiss watch maker running it, and others where from start to finish it’s one […]

Maintaining Your Attitude

The better we feel about ourselves the happier and more effective we are, especially when you maintain your attitude. When you are confident issues don’t bother you as much. You live on a more even keel. Terrible things don’t reduce your mentality as low because you know you will bounce back and amazing things don’t […]