Loyalty Marketing Channel

Our Loyalty Marketing Program is an exciting new addition to Smart Circle’s successful face-to-face marketing model. Allowing for past customers to be re-engaged via online marketing, this program combines the power of face-to-face marking with online marketing, bringing our clients and customers the best of both worlds.

As an extension to our face-to-face marketing channels, our Loyalty Marketing Program gives our clients the ability to re-market those customers who previously purchased their offerings through our Retail, Corporate Events or B2B Marketing Channel.

Features of this Channel include the ability to:

  • Reach valued “e” savvy consumers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Re-engage lapsed customers
  • Grab attention of new customers
  • Re-market to those who have given permission
  • Build market and brand awareness though utilization of authorized e-partners
  • Reach customers via online website, mobile or social networks

With the seamless integration with any of our face-to-face marketing channels, Loyalty Marketing is a powerful way to increase to our client’s sales success and bottom line.

Contact us today to find out if your business qualifies to be one of our advertising partners.

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